10 Hot, Summer Hairstyles

by Amanda Reese

It’s the summertime and it’s hot. Here are some great styles that will have you competing with the summer’s heat.

1. The Pixie Cut. The new haircut is literally cooler than any of her previous summer dos. Wear the sides shorter and play with the longer middle part. Slick it back or tease it up. You cannot do much wrong with this look.
2. The Bun. Wear it high or wear it low, as long as it’s off your neck. The bun has been this summer’s favorite hairstyle and that because it is so versatile. Wear is messy or very tamed. You can dress it up or dress it down.
3. The Faux Bob. Don’t want to cut your long tresses? Well, here is something you are sure to like. The faux bob has every intent of being a stylish chop without you having to part ways with your inches. Curl the hair and then tuck it under with a few pins. Also, makes finer hair appear more full.

5. The Wavy Ponytail. This hairstyle is great because you can dress it up or down while always feeling causal. Tie bands down the length our ponytail at even intervals. Pull the sides of each section to create the wavy look.
6. The Side Sweep. Sometimes you just have to let your hair down. Simply sweep you mane to one side and hold in place with a few bobby pins. This looks well no matter if your hair is straight or curly. Ideal to show of the back of a stunning dress.
7. Freestyle Braids. Braid your hair into individual braids, different widths actually makes the look better. Twits the braid in an up-do and hold in place. It’s fun and different!
8. The Carefree Braids. Simply braid your hair while letting some of the pieces of hair fall freely around your face. Let the braid hang or pin it up with a bow.
9. Twist Up. Do you have extremely long hair and want to try something really different? Simply pull your up in a tight ponytail and twist it all the way to the end of the ponytail. Then, keep twisting. Pin the hair in different spots as it continues to coil up and around the top.
10. The Classic. Last and certainly not least, the good ole French braid. Add flair to the end by tying on a pretty ribbon.

Here, are 10 styles that are sure to get you through the summer heat. Don’t try to use them all at once!

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