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My name is Lauren Nicole and college has definitely not been the typical experience for me. I am currently 20 years old and attending Marist College full time. This is my third school and I finally feel that I have found the right place for me.

I’m from Rockland County, NY and am the youngest of three children. My older sister and brother both live and work in New York City. My parents reside in our hometown of Montebello with our 4 beautiful dogs (3 of which belong to me…); that being said, I love animals and for this reason I am an Environmental Policy Major. I’m also in the process of thinking about becoming a Fashion Merchandising Minor in the near future!


  1. Remember, everyone else is just as confused as you are.

-          Try not to forget that everyone you’ll be with during orientation week- is in the exact same boat as you are… Some individuals may appear confident and others may seem to already make friends or ‘cliques’ but just remember, everyone else is just as nervous as you are!! This is a brand new experience for all incoming freshman so don’t get uptight if you don’t immediately make that new ‘best friend.’ The thing I learned most, is that college is a process. It takes time…



-          You may feel elated with a new sense of freedom and accomplishments; but don’t forget why you’re at school- it’s to go to school! College is FILLED with temptation. Some are stronger than others but almost all are equally bad; tempted to sleep in one morning? Well, there’s no one there who is responsible for you- except you. You must go to class as often as you can if not every single time. Professors will get to know whether you’re in class or not- even if they claim “not to take attendance.”


  1. Don’t forget where you came from.

-          College is a new experience; it’s easy to get mixed up in everything that is ‘new.’ There will be hundreds of new people you see on a day-to-day basis, new routines, new friends, and new things that are expected of you. But don’t forget where you came from- where you spent the majority of your life thus far; because that hometown has played a significant role in the person you are today.


  1. Stay true to WHY you are at college.

-          As I said earlier, college is a new experience with TONS of temptations. Your parents aren’t around each day to tell you when to do your homework, what to do, if you should go out, how to do your laundry, etc, etc. The decisions are ALL up to you… so try to make good ones.


  1. Take advantage of the opportunities.

-          There are so many new sports and clubs offered to you as you begin at a new school! Not only that, but there are internships, sporting events, research opportunities, and campus sponsored events that are always a good time (no matter how corny they may sound). Don’t forget to budget time so that you can afford to do fun things like this on the weekends. They will make your college years more memorable.



  1. Choose your friends wisely.

-          Enough said.


  1.  Get to know your professors.

-          Professors are REAL people; they are often very interesting, worldly, and extremely knowledgeable. Take advantage!! Do not be afraid to make yourself memorable to that instructor. It never hurts to visit during office hours or stay a few minutes after class in order to ask the question you didn’t understand; professors are people… they will help you.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

-          I cannot stress this enough! College can be overwhelming at times. It’s this new beginning to your life as an adult. But please don’t forget that even adults ask for help. If you’re feeling something, chances are that someone else is feeling that way as well. Colleges and Universities have great academic advising, tutoring, counseling and health services… all great places, who rely on you asking for help.



  1.  HAVE FUN!

-          Ever heard the phrase “These are about to be the four best years of your life!”? Well, it’s said for a reason! College is a time of growing up, discovering who you are, what’s important to you, and what you ultimately want out of life- it’s exciting! You learn about yourself through the decisions you make and the mistakes that you may encounter.


-          College is a confusing time for many, it has been for me at least. Although I’ve been tempted to do things I haven’t wanted- and tempted to do things I have, every decision I have made has been my own. As a result, my college experience has been a time of growth. Although I didn’t get it right the first time, or the second time, I’ve finally found a place where I am happy, healthy, and on my way to becoming who I’m meant to be.

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