10 Tips to Help You Land an Internship

Katherine is a senior at UNC Charlotte looking to pursue a public relations career in Austin, TX. Along with completing three internships, Katherine is currently the CEO of NinerNation Relations, a student-run PR firm at her university. She is an active member of PRSSA and in many organizations on campus. She is graduating with a B.A. in Communication Studies: Public Relations in December.

You can see more articles from Katherine at thewaysofk.org. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn or on Twitter (@kattals).

In today’s world having an internship is crucial to getting a job after graduation. With such a tough job market, many programs even require that you complete at least one internship. They are a great way to gain experience in your field and better understand what it is you want to do.

However, getting an internship can also be tricky. The competition can be stiff, so you will want to set yourself apart. With so many people applying for the same positions, you need to get yourself noticed. Here are 10 things you can do to make yourself more hirable.

  1. Perfect your resume. Even if you don’t have a lot to put on it, having a well-designed resume will pique a mangers interest and get you to the top of the pile.
  2. Volunteer. Volunteering at non-profits is a way to gain experience you can put on your resume and use to increase your skill set. There is likely an organization near you who could use your services.
  3. Be on LinkedIn. Many hiring managers check LinkedIn and other social networks before an interview to get some background on an interviewee. Having a thorough profile will give them a good idea of who they are interviewing and what you have accomplished.
  4. Start a blog. Whether you are interested in photography or baby whales, having a blog to showcase the work you have done and the things you have been involved in is a great way to show employers you are dedicated and have good communication skills.
  5. Network. The more people you are connected to the better chance you have of knowing someone who can connect you to an awesome position. People are more likely to hire people who have a recommendation from someone they know than a resume that crosses their desk.
  6. Join organizations. Organizations like PRSSA, American Marketers Association, Society of Women Engineers, Student Government, etc. often have guest speakers who are looking for interns.
  7. Go to your university’s career center. Companies looking for interns often talk to the career counselors at your school to find recommended candidates. They also offer workshops in interviewing and resume critiques that you could benefit from.
  8. Attend job fairs. Many universities have job fairs where potential employers are looking for young talent. These are a great place to network and potentially find an internship. Make sure you dress to impress and take copies of your resume.
  9. Know who you are talking to. Once you land an interview, research the company and the manager. They are likely to ask why you would want to work for their company and you will want to have a good answer handy.
  10. Ask the interviewer a question. Asking a question shows that you are engaged and interested in the position. Good questions to ask may be “What is the company culture like?” or “What would my average day look like in this position?”

Hopefully, if you implement these tips you will have no problems landing a great internship. This will put you on the right path for securing a great job post-graduation. Good luck on your search!

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