Tips for incoming college freshmen

Lena Nguyen is currently a student at The University of Texas at Dallas pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She is a high spirited young professional who is always eager to assist others and engage in new experiences. She joys expanding her knowledge, learning from those around her, and strives to continue to improve herself and conquer her dreams.

Hi Friends! Lena here to spread knowledge from one mind to another. So, I recently did a little research and reached out to some of my friends, classmates, and strangers (that are now acquaintances) to figure out what tips they had wished they could have told their younger selves before they went off to college. I’d like to give a special thank you to the students at UT Dallas and am happy to share with you the 12 things to know about college! Let’s get started!

You will probably change your major at least once in your college career. Or a hundred or so times..
Changing your major or not knowing what you want to do isn’t the end of the world. It’s completely normal! So go ahead and feel free to find your muse.

It’s okay to transfer! DO YOU!
If you find that you are somewhere that you don’t feel like you belong go ahead and find out where it is you do.

Don’t skip every class.
Fight the urge, I know it is tempting but trust me, you will thank yourself in the long run.

Cramming will become your Nightmare. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
You will learn very quickly that assigned readings will be very important during exam time. Trying to read all six chapters the night before won’t always work according to plan. Try studying well in advance so you won’t have to stress later.

Get a Calendar, learn some time management.
Calendars will become your best friend. Make sure to have a method to keep track of all your assignments, projects, and exams. It will make your life so much easier.

Get to know your professors
Professors are your greatest asset! They are definitely there to help you out so drop by their office sometime .or try introducing yourself to them on the first day of class. You never know when you will need a letter a recommendation from them in the future.

Visit your school’s tutoring labs!
Most universities and colleges offer free tutoring and help in a variety of different subjects. If you ever get stuck, definitely check your school website to see if they offer any tutoring labs.

Your biggest struggle: Finding Balance
One of the greatest challenges you will face freshman year is trying to find the balance between studying, socializing, and sleep… I warn you, it’s not an easy choice sometimes.

Join some organizations and make friends!
Making friends is so important in college and it’s truly the most amazing experience! If you have trouble making friends, join look for organizations that you may be interested in and check them out, you never know who you could meet next!

Explore, travel, and try new things!
Live up your college life! Make time to travel and start new hobbies. It’s the best time in your life to discover what your greatest passions are.

You might want to wait until after the first class to buy textbooks.
Some Professors won’t need you to purchase books for class or might have cheaper places so that you can buy them. So if you can wait until the first week of class to purchase books.

It’s a good idea to learn how to save money
Being in college you learn pretty quickly that money is something you basically never have. And sitting around all day like you did in high school isn’t going to cut it. Figuring out how to save money will be a challenge worth learning, promise.

It’s easy to get sucked in to the college grind after your first couple of years in college and forget the simple joys in life if you let yourself. If you leave will only one lesson here today, just remember…

Be You and Have fun!

Tips for incoming college freshmen

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