3 Benefits of Being a Bartender

The three main benefits of being a bartender are the positive job outlook, the ability to control your income and make more than most people without any type of degree, and the flexibility in your work schedule.
Enjoy a Positive Job Outlook
The bartending occupation is expected to grow by about 12% from 2012 to 2022. This is about the same as the average across all other occupations, which means finding a bartending job will be about as easy or difficult as finding a job in many other professions. However, the field is growing faster than other food and beverage serving occupations, which will only experience about 10% growth. This means that if you are interested in working in the hospitality industry, it will be beneficial to become a bartender rather than a waitress, hostess, or food prep worker. The population is continuing to grow, which means that you will have job security because the more people there are, the more people there will be eating out! If you work in a very urban area where there are more bars and restaurants you may also have an easier time finding a job and have more customers at your establishment. Job prospects are also good because a number of people leave the profession each year, perhaps because they only planned on working in the industry temporarily. This leaves a lot of room for new bartenders to find work. You will have the best outlook for work if you have been to bartending school, have worked in a restaurant or bar before, and have good customer service skills.
Make the Money You Want to Make
Bartenders make less money, on average, than other professions. To be more exact, bartenders average around $9.00 an hour, while the average for all occupations is about $16.70. However, consider that the average income for all occupations is offset by professions where people make a lot of money, like doctors, lawyers, and executives. Also, think about how much time those people have spent in school! Even people who haven’t been to graduate school often go to college for two to four years and earn some type of degree – and they sometimes don’t even make average wages. You will be earning your income with nothing more than a certification from a brief, one-course program. So not only will you make good money for the little you have invested in your education, but you will have some control over your earnings, also. Because bartenders work for tips, you have the ability to at least partially set your own income by finding work in a busy, upscale establishment and making sure to have great customer service skills.
Have Flexible Hours
Are you the type of person who can’t imagine working in an office from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday? Have you never been much of a morning person? The schedule of a bartender helps you to avoid both waking up early and working a regular schedule. Most bartenders work late evenings and weekends, which means that your weeks and the day time is free for you to spend doing whatever you want – including sleeping in!


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