Ways to bond with your boyfriend

by Amanda Reese

There is no doubt that you love your boyfriend. You two have been together for a long time now, but you still enjoy each other’s company. And while that is an amazing thing, that does not mean that you should not work on making your bond even stronger.

Here are a few quick things that will make good relationship even better.

1. Find more things to do apart. This may sound crazy, but it is important. Developing your own space and interest will ensure you have a healthy steady relationship. If you and your partner stay at each other’s side, soon every little thing will begin to bother you. Space allows you time to miss each other. Discuss how much time away you should have from your partner and find a new interest to indulge in for away. Write a mini book, learn a new craft or take up yoga. When you two do get back in the same space you will have something new and exciting to share.
2. Get into his head. Although, your relationship is good, it does not mean it is perfect. Every couple fights. Usual when an argument begins, the two individuals are more focused on getting their point across to the other person without actually listening to the other complaints. Never trade insults or get personal when arguing. Focus on why the argument began in the first place. Instead of drilling your case into his head, understand why he is feeling the way he is. Ask him why does he feel so strongly as he does. In return, tell him why you feel the way you do. You will find the problem will be solved better by talking about your feelings instead of yelling your points on why you feeling something is idiotic.
3. Address old issues. If you find yourself getting annoyed by the smallest little issues that arise, it is probably because there something in the past you two have not fully discussed. Instead of accusing him of things in the past (especially if he has owned up to them) calmly explain why it still may bother you or address the issue you two really had not addressed yet. You are going to have to bite the bullet on this one because it maybe a difficult to go back down an old road, but it something you have to do or you will never be over it. Make sure you are speaking calmly to your partner and maintain a good eye contact. This will let him know that you are sincere in what you are telling him. Even if it seems like it is taking all night, make sire you two leave the conversation feeling relieved and have created a solution.

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