Dental assistant school

Most people aspire to have rewarding careers that will be both personally satisfying and lucrative. The dental assisting profession checks both these boxes! This occupation allows people to be around people while also experiencing the enjoyable aspects of healthcare and healthcare administration.

Length of Time from Start to Degree
ne of the best pieces of news about dental school is that you can get a degree in half or a quarter of the time needed to get a diploma at a traditional university. You may find that your friends who are enrolled in traditional programs graduate and struggle to find work in their field, or at least good paying work.

Just think – some of the people earning what you could make will be saddled with four years of debt from school loans. Instead of spending all your time taking “general education” classes, get the most efficient education you can and take only classes that have to do with your future profession – being a dental assistant. You’ll have to check the qualifications for your state to find out how long you need to go to school. While two years is the longest you’ll have to attend school, at the other end of the spectrum are full-time, intensive programs that could be shorter than three months! Depending on when enrollment dates are, you could have a new career in 90 days or less!

Job growth

As this job is also one of the faster growing of all occupations in the United States, more and more positions are expected to open up. Dental assistants already make more than the average healthcare support professional, and this job growth will lead to increased demand, which may in turn lead to higher salaries! This job growth has been happening, and is expected to continue, for a few reasons. Lately there has been higher demand for preventative dental services, which research has continually linked to overall good health and hygiene.

Dentists are also spending more and more time devoting their attention to complex procedures. Who is left to carry out routine tasks, such as cleanings? Dental assistants! Furthermore, fluoride has been in peoples’ water supply for several decades now. This means that people don’t trade their teeth for dentures anymore. This older generation still needs dental care in their later years, and this trend will likely continue in future generations. Essentially, dentists will be seeing more patients, which means they need help from increased numbers of dental assistants. Healthcare support positions overall are expected to experienced marked job growth through 2020, and dental assisting is no exception! By going to dental school now, you can take advantage of this industry boom and capitalize on a fruitful and long-lasting career.

A Gratifying Career

Many people join healthcare professions because they want to help people. Healthcare is a very important industry that provides people with much needed services that are crucial to optimal health. As times goes on, researchers are publishing increasing amounts of work highlighting how essential health is to longevity and well-being throughout the lifespan, and this includes dental work! People who don’t take care of their teeth end up with cavities, infections, and injuries. For example, people can end up with cracked teeth, abrasions, lesions, gingivitis, or on the more minor end of the spectrum, discolorations. By becoming a dental assistant you will feel satisfied knowing that you are contributing to peoples’ health and happiness and contributing positively to society.


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