3 Tips for How to Succeed in Beauty School

Some people breeze through school, and for others it takes a lot of concentrated effort to pass classes. But there’s a lot more to a successful college experience than good grades (although that is definitely important!). Other factors, like where you go to school and what you do with your time outside of the classroom, count for a lot as well.

Go to an Accredited Institution

This is the first step. If you don’t go somewhere that has received an accreditation, you’re taking a gamble with your education. And surely you don’t want your tuition dollars to go to waste! Don’t shop for schools in the bargain bin – do your research and hunt for the schools that truly have top-quality courses taught by highly sought-after instructors who have been successful in their field. One of the reasons an accreditation is important is because it’s a signal that the institution’s curriculum has been reviewed and has been deemed a satisfactory set of courses that will adequately prepare you for life after graduation. Start your education out on the right foot by selecting a reliable vocational school for your studies.

Get Work Experience during College

You certainly can’t work as a professional stylist or makeup artist before you have received your education, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get valuable experience in the field. If possible, you can look for a job in a nail salon, hair salon, or spa working at the front desk. This will teach you valuable customer service skills and give you experience on the retail side of things, as you might have to try selling nail polishes or hair products. You can also learn how to book appointments and talk to clients – two more valuable skills. Some hair salons will also hire shampooers who don’t have any college experience. While it’s not ultimately where you want to end up, you can gain experience working with hair and learning about styling products. Plus, just by being in the environment you will have the opportunity to befriend people ahead of you in their careers and ask them questions. You might also get some casual work experience just by practicing on friends. You can probably find a lot of people to practice manicures, pedicures, and makeup on, and a few brave souls might even let you cut their hair!

Make Connections

The ability to make connections is a valuable skill to have in any profession, and in some careers networking is vital to a person’s success. Depending on the job market, it might not be easy to break into your chosen career right after graduation. To help with your future job hunt, make friends with your teachers – people who undoubtedly have worked in salons and have connections in the fashion world. If you get to know them and establish a relationship, you might be able to get in touch with them after graduation if you’re having trouble landing a job. And if you’re really lucky, they might offer you a position or recommend you to someone of their own volition. Keep your ear to the ground when it comes to classmates, too. A lot of you will be graduating around the same time, and if a fellow classmate gets a great job opportunity, they’re more likely to connect you with his or her new boss if they consider you a friend. Obviously you should make friends for the sake of being a nice person, but it doesn’t help to have the connection also!


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