Things every girl should know

Gabriella Sheena is a Parsons The New School for Design graduate. She majored in Fashion Marketing. She was an International student from Indonesia. Throughout her study, she has joined different organizations; starting from French club, Student Government, International Student Organization, Indonesian Student Association, to Styling Club. Working in the fashion industry has always been her dream. She is currently working in her dream industry, fashion, as a Sales Assistant for wholesale at Haute Hippie. She has always desired to become a CEO of a fashion company. She desires to be one of the most influential women around the world; a role model for females; and to deliver motivational speech from country to country. She has always believed in herself and keeps thinking positively. In her opinion, nothing is impossible as long as we all believe in ourselves, pushing through ones limit, keeping negative thoughts away, focusing on yourself! During her free time she enjoys dancing, writing, taking pictures, designing, and going to the gym.


1. You are beautiful

Most girls think that her friends or cousins or best friends are prettier than herself.
In fact, we are all born beautiful. We just look different from every angle! I’m not saying it is wrong to think that this and that girl is pretty, however first take a moment and say “I am beautiful.” Look at yourself in the mirror and say it out loud. Based on my experience, it works well and I feel better after saying it. My day has always been better after saying it, I feel more confident stepping out of my room even without make up. I feel the boost right there. The only person who can boost your day is yourself! So, starting from now, forget about saying “I look ugly, I look fat, I look like this and that, she is prettier than me and no chance for me to impress him or her or whatever you think.” STOP! You really have to stop and change the way you think about yourself! Trust me, the moment you feel beautiful your life will change! You will become a happier girl!

2. Love yourself first

It’s the 20s and I think we all should know about this! Love yourself before you can love the others. I have heard so many quotes and articles talking about this, yet still many people refused to love themselves. Before you can be loved by others, you have to love yourself. Start complaining about your flaws, instead work on it and change the way you see it. We all have flaws and there is always a chance to fix it! Start saying good things about yourself, rewarding yourself for doing good things: LOVE ME! You will feel the difference once you start loving yourself, you’ll understand yourself more than ever. I LOVE ME!

3. Be the person you always want to be

Remember when you were a little girl and you wish you were a princess or some characters? We all have our icons or role models that we want to portray. They are good to look at. They are there just for an example. Not to turn yourself into them. It is always good to have a role model, to motivate you in many different ways. Remember one thing: YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THEM. You just use them as your role model to give you some mental support, to aspire you. BE YOURSELF. Be the person you have always wanted to be. Don’t listen to people who makes you want to change yourself in a negative way, don’t change yourself just because you want to fit in a certain group, don’t change the way you dress for a guy or more, be yourself! Guys don’t like girls who are not being themselves! Remember that! When you start being yourself people will appreciate you more! You will live happier as well because you don’t have to pretend your whole life. If people reject you for being yourself, stop being around them. It’s simple: they don’t love you for who you are. You deserve to be surrounded by people who love you for who you are.

4. Stay away from GOSSIPS

You better stay away from it before its too late! I know and understand how much girls like to gossip and involve in this and that drama. It is kind of an addiction for most of us. The moment we know something bad about this person we start talking about them. Think about it this way. We do not like it when people is talking about us, then imagine how someone feels when you are talking about them. The law of attraction plays here. When you gossip about someone, you will be gossiped by some other people in return. You won’t know, but it will happen. Remember: you are not perfect, and you might do something the same mistake as the person you gossip about has done or did. Instead of gossiping about others, take your time to think about your mistakes, your flaws, your own problems, and find ways to fix you.

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