4 Things I would tell my freshman self

Carmen graduated from Elizabeth City State University May 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in
psychology. She accepted an offer to work for a Fortune 500 health care company.

1. Make mistakes and learn from them.
a. This is the first time out on your own. You’re hours away from your family who “know what’s best”. You’ll make mistakes that you will probably regret. I promise it will only make you a better person. You’ll learn about the person you are now and who you want to become. There are resources available and new people who will guide you through evolving into an adult.
2. Impress yourself to impress others Trust people the first time
a. Don’t give chances to those who showed their true character. You don’t have to explain yourself or try to win people over. People will choose to like who you are regardless of how hard you try. Having the courage to stand a part is scary, but trust me more people who will judge you for living in your fears than conquering them. You owe it to yourself to make the most out of your college experience
3. Sometimes the worst professors are the best teachers
a. Some professors have demanding personalities. While blaming their students, their assignments will be all over the place. When you realize you can’t drop their course, you will learn how to adapt. Take each experience as a life lesson. Learning how to deal with a difficult professor [and get an A] can be beneficial in the real world.
4. Don’t wait until your last semester to live in the moment
a. Don’t wait until the last semester to create a bucket list. Travel as much as you can. Meet people from different backgrounds. Try activities out of your element. You will be grateful you made the most out of your golden college age.

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