Commuting to work stress

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Commuters, getting out of bed and getting to class on time can be extremely difficult. Unlike dormers, you have to wake up earlier, get dressed and ready, grab your supplies, and survive a drive to campus, where you may have the most difficult time finding a decent parking spot.

As a former commuter for the four years that I attended Hofstra University, which is roughly a half hour (but sometimes an hour if I had to drive during rush hour) away, I’ve come up with a few tips to help you make your morning commute a little easier.

1)      Give yourself enough time to eat breakfast and get ready.
The one thing that may be worse than losing sleep is having to wake up from your slumber, throw on some clothes and rush out the door. Give yourself enough time to eat breakfast (I know, you probably hear that all the time, but it seriously does make a difference), put on your best outfit, do your hair, and maybe even drink a quick cup of coffee while you tune in to the morning news for a few minutes. You’ll get to campus feeling refreshed and ready to go. You’ll most likely notice that you are focusing more and feeling less tired. Take it from me – give yourself time to eat something and get ready. Rushing out the hour is a lose-lose scenario.

2)     Get there early!
If you are a one of the 8:00 a.m. commuters (good luck to you!) than you know that rush-hour traffic might be the worst thing in the world. Aside from having to sit there while your legs become sore, driving for lengthy periods of time can be exhausting. If you don’t leave early to get to class, you’ll most likely get stuck in that awful rush-hour traffic, arrive late, have trouble finding a parking spot close to your class, and then (obviously) walk into class late. And then your professor will call you out in front of your classmates. And then you’ll be embarrassed. Avoid the embarrassment. Get to class early. You’ll also miss that morning traffic and the drive will be smooth, quick and easy.

3)     Make sure you put gas in your car the night before.
This might sound like a strange tip, but it makes all the difference. Having to gas up your car the morning of class will just be an inconvenience. Those 10 minutes can make or break your morning routine. Don’t sacrifice time that you can use to eat a quick meal, put on some makeup, or even snooze your alarm a few more times. Besides, if you’re running exactly on time or late, having to stop at the gas station will only make you tardier.

4)     Pack anything you bring to class the night before.
Bringing your laptop? Be sure you’ve got your device, your charging cable and accessories in a bag and ready to go the night before. Bringing lunch to class? Pack it the night before. Whether it’s your tablet, some between-class snacks, or your bag of notebooks and textbooks, have it all packed up and ready to go. You don’t want to waste time looking for your charging cable or putting your lunch in a Tupperware container. Again, those extra five or 10 minutes can really make a difference in your morning.

In a nutshell, be prepared. Go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier, give yourself time to snooze your alarm and have your stuff ready. It’s even a great idea to have your outfit and accessories ready the night before, so you can wake up, get dressed, eat, and do anything else you normally do in the morning without wasting time preparing. These four tips will help you develop a quicker and much easier morning commute to class. Sometimes, your commute and the smoothness of your morning can determine how your entire day will go. So make your days a whole lot easier and utilize these tips to have the best morning commute to class. You’ll notice the difference

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