5 beauty tips

French women are known for the effortlessly chic style. You can create a look of natural beauty from anywhere in the world.

It’s Not in the Makeup

One of the key elements of classic French style is simplicity. Whether you are talking about clothes or cosmetics, less is more. Style gurus and grandmothers around the nation agree that most women look best with a natural makeup look. The true key to perfecting a natural look isn’t loading on neutral shades though. The best way to achieve a fresh look is by having great skin. Obviously genetics plays some role there but you can always improve the look of your skin with a bit of effort. Rather than spending time each morning fussing with concealer, foundation, and powder, amp up your skincare routine!

Change Up Your Mornings

If you aren’t comfortable with a bare face, use concealer where (and only where) you actually need it. Follow up with a powder to create an even tone. Now that you have simplifier your routine, add in a couple of simple steps that will help out your skin in the long term.

Invest in a quality natural bristle face brush. Do a dry brushing each morning to remove dead skin and get a glowing look. Remember you are going for a natural glow, not a painful burn so be gentle.

Rinse off your face then apply a moisturizer. You are better off to wash your face just once a day so plan to do that at night. Using cleanser twice a day can send your skin’s oil production into overdrive so just stick water in the morning. You’ll need to apply makeup remover at night and wash up any build-up then.

Have a Spa Day

Doing face mask once or twice per week can make a major difference for your skin. Whether you like to make your own with ingredients from the kitchen or buy thermal masks, stick to it! Try different types to see what works for your skin. They only take a minute to apply and you can just go on with your day (at home!) until you are ready to be rinsed off.

Stop Messing with Your Hair

Overprocessing and overwashing your hair creates a dull look and is a waste of time. Stop washing your hair every day and let your scalp nourish your locks. Many French women swear by natural boar bristle brushes to keep their hair fresh. Simply flip your hair upside down and brush it from the scalp to the roots to redistribute oil.

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