Dates on a Budget

It’s no secret that being a college student is financially difficult. This gets even harder trying to plan events for more than one person. Sometimes it is fun to splurge on a date night, but realistically, the more cost-conscientious you are, the better. Here are some ideas for your next date night that won’t break the bank.
1) Go to a school/community play
Whether it is in the community of your college or from the theatre students themselves, take your date to enjoy a show. Do your research and find out what shows are around and what the cost of tickets are. Some shows are even free if they are performed by students at your school.
2) Cook a meal together
If you have access to a kitchen in one of your living arrangements, a very commonly overlooked date night is spending time whipping up a great meal together. Of course it depends on what kind of meal you want to make, but if you do it right you will spend less on ingredients than you do going out to a nice restaurant. Plus, you will avoid the long waits, annoying table neighbors or slow service – all of which could potentially be a date ruiner. Figure out the meal you’re going to make, add some candles and wine and when you’re done eating – curl up on the couch with a good movie or watch the big game. Added bonus, you will see if he/she is a good cook!
3) Take a walk around campus
Really this isn’t an extensive date but could be a chance to really get to know someone you are interested in. Pick a time that works best for you both and just take time to slow life down and enjoy the sights around you. Turn your phones on silent and really take in the moment. If you can, tie a picnic into the evening and enjoy watching the sun go down. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant picnic, even something as simple as grabbing sandwiches will sustain.
4) Have a tailgate
This is a really fun idea to do on the weekends, especially if your school’s team is away that weekend. Get a group of your friends together and invite your significant other too. Make a plan for who will bring what food and make a good tailgating spread. Put a table in the same room that the TV is in and cheer your team on. This isn’t a one-on-one date but you will still get to spend time with them and see how they interact with your friends.
5) Movie night
An oldie but goodie. This is a great idea for a budget saving evening especially if your roommates are out for the night. A big blanket, big couch and a big bowl of popcorn to share while watching a movie is a great date on a budget. Turn the lights down and the volume up to have a real movie theatre effect. This is a very reasonable replacement for actually going out to the movies, where ticket prices seem to increasingly rise.
Get creative with date nights on a budget. It’s not about the money you spend, it’s about the memories you make and the memories you make.

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