5 Essential Must Have Items For College

When its time to pack up the car and head to college you’ve likely been told by everyone what items you need for school, but many of these retailers forget to mention a few key items that you really can’t survive college without. So before you pull off, stop by Target and pick up the following…

Shower Shoes – As much as it sucks, you’re no longer going to scrub up in your own nice private bathroom. The reality is that you are going to be showering and getting ready for class in sometimes-nasty bathrooms. Your shower shoes don’t have to be fancy.

Shower Caddy – Again, the bathroom is a tough place to negotiate in college. You absolutely need a shower caddy to tote your shampoo, soap, toothbrush etc, back and forth from the bathroom to your dorm room. Make sure to choose a caddy that allows water to flow through it rather than collect in case you have to take the basket into the shower with you.

Attachable Lamps – Undoubtedly, you will have a roommate, at least your first year in college. Being cognizant that there may be times that you need to study and your roommate wants to sleep. Having a small reading lamp that can be attached to your bed is essential. That way you can continue studying or whatever you’re doing without disturbing your roommate.

Snacks – Snacks are like currency in college. As soon as people know that you’re the kid with the giant jar of chocolate covered raisins in your stash, you’ve got instant friends. This is a great opportunity to hit up a big box store where you can buy in bulk. Keep in mind that plastic containers that can easily be sealed are best. You don’t want to attract bugs!

First Aid Kit – Let’s be real…things happen. Maybe the girl down the hall wants to show you how to twerk properly and things get out of hand; Or you bump your head on the top bunk when you wake up unexpectedly in the middle of the night. Band-Aids, aspirin, anti-bacterial ointment…you’ll need ‘em all!

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