5 Reasons to Take Time for Spirituality in College

Alexis Ellis is a native of Washington, DC currently residing in New Orleans, LA. She is a
talented freelancer, blogger and public speaker. She graduated from Xavier University of LA with
a BA in Spanish and a BS in Biology. While in school, she served as secretary for the Student
Government Association, President of the Phi Sigma Iota Foreign Language Honor Society and
Foreign Language Club, and a study abroad Global Ambassador after traveling to Buenos Aires.
She has experience with tutoring, mentoring, giving public presentations, speeches,
volunteering and doing research. Her passions include writing, oil painting, dance, music and
reading and most enjoys writing poetry. She plans to travel, pursue her MA in Creative Writing,
and soon attend medical school to become a surgeon.

Here are 5 good reasons to join a church or to attend local worship services from time to time.
Not only can you develop your religion, but there are mental, social and academic benefits to it
as well! I can certainly vouch for these in my personal life. Take a look:
1. It helps you decompress. Tests, crazy roommates, bad cafeteria food and late nights are all
apart of the highly-coveted college experience. Once a week it is great to get away from it
all, forget you are a student for a moment and get rejuvenated a bit. It is likely that you will
be fatigued, irritated or even stressed by everything you have to do and balance in college.
Fortunately, churches are perfect for relaxing and hearing an inspirational message. Many
students have found this to be very therapeutic for their college experience, and even felt
more inspired to continue to work hard and be dedicated to school while wanting to give up
and drop out. We all need a vacation sometime…and after 5 long days of classes and
meetings, one day of stress-free church is really a treat.
2. It is a great way to get off campus. Many college freshmen do not have cars or are not sure
of how to get around their campus cities. Attending a worship service or church event is
great for seeing what life off-campus is really like. Church college ministries also often
provide transportation for students who need it, making it a great way to get off campus for a
few hours. This is especially convenient for the one who doesn’t have a car and feels
trapped in the dorm. Best of all, churches are a hub for people of all ages, walks of life and
backgrounds, which make services fun and interesting.
3. It is an easy method of making friends who are also students. My local college ministry was
a great way to bond with students I had never before talked to. It gives you something in
common with that guy or gal you have seen across the lab room before – now you go to the
same church! There is a special connection formed between people trying to learn and grow
in their spirituality together. And best of all you can not only encourage each other in your
religion, but study together as well. Just one more way you can meet students at your
school or even at another local school. With both of you being students, there is sure to be a
lot to talk about, compare and vent over!
4. You can meet locals of all ages. This is especially important for those attending school in a
new city or state. For a while you will feel like a tourist, and in many ways, you are. But the
quickest way to feel like a new resident while in school is to meet local people in the area
and make new friends! Don’t just hang out with your roommates or classmates…find those
hole-in-the-wall restaurants, cool buildings, neighborhood rec centers and live music venues
that nobody knows about. Locals have the inside scoop on making you feel right at home in
a new city because they know what Travelocity and Google don’t…they actually live there!
They are also good insight for dos-and-don’ts. This is a great way to fit in.
5. There are opportunities for volunteerism and community service. The truth is most church
have various ministries that are always looking for new, friendly faces! One of the best ways
to really feel integrated in a new church is to get involved. There are usually children’s,
college student/young adult, sick-and-shut-in, bereavement and homeless ministries…
among many others. These ministries further their goals and reach their objectives through
events and outreaches that include church members as well as others in the general
community. See a flyer about a food drive for the homeless? Find out who is in charge of
that ministry or coordinating that event and sign up! Have fun, meet people, and feel good
about giving back. And, oh yeah…have the event director sign off on those community
service hours!!

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