5 reasons why you should read books

Kayla Maroon

A renaissance woman who learned to try everything once.

1) It increases your vocabulary. College writing is much easier when you have a large vocabulary to refer to. It doesn’t automatically make you sound smart but it does allow you to explain information far better when you know which words to use in order to add perspective to your point. Books can help you put those words in context. Much like when you were practicing for the SATs. You knew by the way it was used, what it meant. The alternative is to read a dictionary but books tend to reinforce the word much better.

2) Books can offer new ideas. The internet only gives you what you are looking for. Google is the most used website in the world because we have information that we seek at the tip of our hands. If you’re for searching for make Up tutorials than that is what you are going to get. Google has even developed an algorithm that suggests specific things based off of your search requests. So it’s make you even more predictable and boxed in.  But books create an opportunity to see through another’s perspective. Places they go, things they do adventures that they develop. A whole life that you are exploring through that book. By reading, it is sparking a new form of inspiration that is not so easy to obtain through TV and the internet.

3) Enhances Creative Thinking. Creative people are the most successful. They think outside the box and they dream up solutions. By reading that book, you are enhancing your creative thinking skills because you are envisioning the storyline of someone else’s idea.  They may give you the details but you are creating the imagery in your own head. It is the most amazing part of your brain and anything that strengthens that skill is going to make you a better person.

4) It improves focus and concentration. If you can sit still and read for hours than you are able to do what a lot of people can’t. And that’s focus on one thing at a time. Focusing requires you to engage in a book and isolate all distractions. Sometimes we have so much going on that our brains are overwhelmed but when we can focus on one object at time than we are improving our concentration. Thus allow us to be able to see things that other’s can’t or pay attention to details that others may not see.

5) It de-stresses. This is similar to the reason above. When you concentrate on one thing and zone out into another world than you are able to release all of the other worries and tensions involved in daily life. That is one of the reasons why we stress so much because we are afraid of the consequences of our inability to commit to specific responsibilities. But you can’t understand the story and worry about problems at the same time so by reading you are drifting out of worry and into imagination.

Reading is an amazing hobby. College has made it a task but you can make it fun again. See what topics you like and read about them, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. You can also check out goodreads. They catalog all different forms of books. Add me if you want to know what I’m reading, I’m always open to new friends.

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