5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Greek

Megan Fahrmeier is a recent college graduate from Ole Miss with a Bachelor’s of Art in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in English. She spent her college years writing for the university newspaper, reporting for the university television broadcast and serving as the art chair of her sorority. She lives and works in Houston, TX as a freelance writer.


The start of the fall semester is here and for the freshmen, one of the biggest questions to ask is: Should I Go Greek?


Most freshman think that being in a sorority means one word: PARTY. But when you choose to go Greek, think about this: What will you be doing in your sorority when you aren’t partying?


If these next five things are reasons why you want to go Greek, you might want to reconsider going through rush.


  1. I want to go Greek because of the parties. This is the number one reason why girls want to join a sorority. Yeah the mixers, swaps, exchanges, formals, whatever your school calls them are an added bonus to being in a sorority, but they aren’t the reason you should go Greek. Being in a sorority is not about going to parties, it’s about sisterhood.


  1. I want to go Greek because I’ll meet boys… at parties. Boys. Fraternity Boys. Yes, they are very attractive and you might want to marry them right then and there, but chances are, that one frat guy that winked at you that one time will not be your prince charming. Being in a sorority is not about the boys you meet at the parties you’ll attend in college. Being in a sorority is about meeting new girls that have the same interests as you. The guys are, again, just an added bonus.


  1. I want to go Greek because of the status.  Most girls think that when they join a sorority, they are the queens of campus. Yeah, parading around in your letters is super fun, but it’s not a right. It’s a privilege. Being a part of a sorority is not a status symbol. You will be representing the women of your sorority and all of the women who were members before you. You will be representing all of the women who created the letters you wear on your shirts. Wearing your letters is not a status, it’s representing who you are and what your sorority represents.


  1. I want to go Greek because of the the presents I’ll get. Bid day presents. Big/Little presents. They’re awesome. But the materialistic items you get while being in a sorority will not even match the other presents you will receive. The present of sisterhood. You will meet some of the most amazing women in your sorority. These women will become your best friends, they will be the ones you go to when you’re feeling down or go to for advice, these women will be the bridesmaids in your wedding, and the Godmothers of your children. The bonds you form when you join a sorority are so strong, they can never be broken.


  1. I want to go Greek because everyone else is. So you want to go Greek because your roommate is, everyone in your dorm is, pretty much everyone you know is going Greek? Don’t go Greek because everyone else is. Go Greek because you want to! Sure, rush is one of the most stressful times during your freshman year, but by going through rush, you get to learn everything about each of the sororities on campus: their personalities, their philanthropy, how they connect with each other, their sisterhood. Make the decision for yourself. You’re the only one who controls if you’ll be happy or not.


If these are the reasons why you want to go Greek, chances are you will not go Greek. Girls who are already members of a sorority are not looking to rush other girls that are only interested in partying, boys, the presents or just because they want to be in one. These are the reasons why you should join a sorority and why I loved being in a sorority.


The sisterhood, the philanthropy, the amazing women I met that are now my best friends, the growth I’ve done as a person, and the bond I share with not only the women of my chapter of my sorority but all of the chapters across the nation.


Be smart when you decide if going Greek is the thing for you. And go Greek because of the right reasons, not the social reasons.

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