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My name is Allison Longenecker and I am a Senior at Liberty University and I am graduating in December. I am majoring in Strategic Communications and dually specializing in Advertising and Public Relations. I am minoring in Health Promotions in order to work with a healthcare company in the future. This summer I was given the opportunity to work for two retirement communities to do marketing and graphic design work. I aspire to work for a hospital and handle their advertising and marketing. I am also a member of AAF and working on the executive team for the Liberty University chapter of the NSAC.




There’s a stereotype around the fact that if you converse with your teacher, you are automatically named the teacher’s “pet.” This is an ancient joke that does not apply in college. Teachers are great resources that are available to help. If you are struggling with your classwork or concepts, it is definitely a great idea to talk to or e-mail your teacher. Here are some reasons you should reconsider when relying on your new freshman classmate for study notes and project materials.


  1. They have all the answers.  No I am not implying to steal the teacher’s answer sheets, I am just explaining that they make the tests and quizzes and also conceptualize the projects. They know the material very well and if you are confused about anything, your teacher is likely to be able to help you.

Tip: If you have a question about a project or upcoming test, don’t forget about your teachers office hours, that is a great time for you to meet with them and you can usually just walk in if you have an immediate issue.


  1. They aren’t monsters. Many students disregard teachers help because they are scared to ask or forget that teachers are people too. Teachers are employed by the school for this reason. They are eager to help you, even if you don’t believe it.

Tip: Schedule a meeting with your teacher before each test and beforehand write down some questions you have about the material that way when you do get to their office you don’t waste their time.


  1. You are essentially paying for them. When you pay tuition you are paying for a lot of things, but some of it goes to the teacher’s salary. You would take advantage of your meal plan wouldn’t you? Why not take advantage of the assistance that your teacher can offer? College is a great investment and success will come as long as you learn how to utilize the resources given to you.

Tip: Some colleges offer tutoring services, this is a great way to get utilize the resources that you are paying for. Tutoring could be a viable option if you are struggling with a class.


  1. Teachers went to school to TEACH. So you are doing your Undergrad in Psychology or Communications? Well your teacher most likely has his Doctorate in the subject you are studying. They are very knowledgeable and have many years of education that proves it. Any questions you have can be answered pretty quickly by an e-mail or a quick question after class.

Tip: If you are interested in pursuing additional education after your Undergrad, your teacher may be able to give you some insight into what it will be like.


  1. They can help you even after graduation. Many students forget that teachers have hundreds of connections that can ultimately help them in their future job searches. There are many opportunities available to students that can be accessed by the referral of your teachers.

Tip: When considering an internship, e-mail the teachers that are in your area of study and see if they know of any businesses that are offering paid or unpaid work.

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