Letters of recommendation for college students

My name is Danielle Cobb. I graduated from Lewis University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. I also have a minor in African American Studies. I am the kind of person who is shy until I get to know people. I am very caring and helping towards others. Some are my hobbies are hanging out with friends, watching movies, going to the mall, among other things.

All while people are in High School, their teachers are telling them that they are preparing them for College and that College is a lot harder than High School. Once people are in College, they realize that what their teachers said about College isn’t really true. And once a person has graduated, they may look back on their life and wish they would have done things differently while they were in College. What the person needed throughout their College career were different recommendations from people they trusted about how to maximize their time and experience in College. Some recommendations that would help all future and current College students are;
Make sure that the College you are attending is the one you want to graduate from:
• Making sure you are where you want to be is important. If someone attends a College that you don’t like and settled for, chances are they will not be happy and end up transferring to one or two different schools before they are at one they actually like. Attending a College that doesn’t interest you will affect the way that you view the school and your participation at the school.
Write down at least three things you are good at and find a way to make money from it:
• The purpose of doing this is to help people identify other ways to make money after they graduate from College. Not everyone finds and starts their dream job immediately once they graduate from College. So they need to have another way to make money while still doing what they love to do. For example, if you love, like, or are great at doing hair, start charging people for your services.
Join a Club/Network:
• Joining a club or clubs while in school will help you meet new people. It also counts as a way to network with others. Networking is important to a College student because it will help them obtain things that they might not have any access to. Joining a club/Networking can help people receive the job that they want or meet someone important because there are other people in the world that can vouch for their character.
Participate in a(n) Internship(s):
• Internships are important as well. They help people identify what they would like to do after College is over. Some people may realize that what they are majoring in is not for them or they find out that they really and truly want to do what they are trying to get a degree in. Some internships also offer the option of staying with a company after the internship is over and/or after the person graduates.
Find a mentor:
• Having a mentor will be beneficial for the long run. They may be someone that a person relies on more than anyone else. A mentor can help a person find themselves and also be a person that could vouch for them when it comes to job interviews. They would also be able to give advice and answer questions about many different things.

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