5 Things You Might Forget to Pack for a Summer Vacation

No matter how many times I travel I always rack my brain for all the must have items I need for vacation. The worst thing is arriving to your destination all excited to break out the bikini and realize that you forgot your sunglass or headphones. To make sure that you have a stress free vacation from start to finish remember to pack these 5 easy to forget items for fun in the sun.
1. I.D. This is an obvious one, but nothing ruins a trip more than getting to the airport and realizing that when you changed purses you forgot to repack your identification. You need this bad boy to get on the plane, enjoy the nightlife, and in case of emergency. Double and triple check this one.
2. Light jacket or cardigan. This one is easy to overlook for a summer vacation. You imagine yourself laying out on a beach and heading out to the clubs at night and then suddenly you are out to dinner in the Caribbean and you are freezing! How did that happen?! Tropical climates often cool down at night. Don’t be caught without something to cover up with.
3. One statement piece of jewelry. It can be a lot to plan jewelry for all of your outfits, but if you bring one awesome statement piece you can look stylish and put together all week.
4. Great book. With all that mandatory reading for school it can be hard to remember when you ever actually enjoyed reading. Vacation is the perfect time to escape into a great fiction novel and live vicariously through a romance or adventure story.
5. Phone charger. These days your phone is your computer, camera, and music player. Since most usually charge their phone at night it can be hard to remember to throw your charger in your bag the morning of your trip. Don’t forget this vital accessory.
Hopefully this list is helpful when packing for your next summer vacation. Remember, if you do forget something, don’t panic. You can always buy a replacement once you get to your destination!

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