Job interview attire

You’re in college. You’re probably going on your first real job interviews, or at least you’re still pretty new to the process. While your resume and cover letter are key to getting you in the door, your demeanor and appearance are what will lock down the job. While your student center will, hopefully, talk to you about how to behave in a job interview, they might not cover how to look as thoroughly. Here are 5 tips for dressing for a job interview:

1. Dress to the job. In fact, dress a little more formally than you anticipate the office being – the sort of thing they would wear if they had a really important meeting. So, if the job is casual, go business casual. If the job is business casual, take it a bit more formal. If the job is very formal, wear an evening gown. Just kidding. If the job is business formal, just wear really nice business formal clothing.
2. Make sure everything is clean and wrinkle-free. This should go without saying but, sadly, it seems it doesn’t. Look clean. Smell good. Look like you’ll smell good. As well as showing that you’re the kind of person people can work with (and in close quarters, if need be), it shows organization and cleanliness more generally.
3. Coordinate and show creativity. This is especially true if the job has creative components, but even if it doesn’t it’ll help you stand out. Have some personality to your outfit; show your ability to match colors and patterns. I, personally, have a collection of colorful earrings that I often get comments about. Stick out a little in the way you dress and show off your aesthetic eye. Just remember, you want to look put together; choose things that enhance your outfit rather than muddy it.
4. Don’t try to look more grown up than you are. If you’re not out of undergrad yet, you’re not fooling anyone. Or, if you do, they probably won’t be happy about it. Own your age and your eagerness to learn; don’t pretend to have experience and skills you don’t have, emphasize what you do know.
5. Confidence looks good on everyone. Be yourself. Engage with your interviewer as a person. Be the kind of person you would want to work with. You’ll be just fine.

And good luck out there!

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