Managing stress in college

Lauren Decker
Born and raised in New York. I am a charismatic business student graduating in December with a B.A. in Marketing from Hofstra University. Currently, I work as an Account Manager for an international logistics company. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, playing tennis, cooking, and going to the gym. I’ve always loved writing and recently created a blog which I use to express my thoughts in a style of writing that highlights my personality.

College has been one of the best four years of my life. It has also been one of the most stressful experiences I’ve ever had. Between choosing a major, registering for classes before they fill up, being a student-athlete, and working a part-time job while still managing to find time to spend with my friends, it’s exhausting! However, there is relief from all the stress in more ways than one.

1. Look Away From the Textbook and Get Some Rest
College is not solely about hitting the books and becoming a permanent fixture in the library, or pulling all-nighters three times a week. College goes beyond the books and the lecture halls. It’s about self-growth. Sure, by studying until all hours of the night you learn that coffee and energy drinks are your new favorite beverages and you’ve never regretted giving up all those naps as a kid until now. What you don’t know if that after so many hours your brain literally shuts down and gives up trying to absorb all the knowledge you’re feeding it before you realize you’re on your 3rd cup of coffee. So close the book, go to sleep, and start again fresh tomorrow for maybe just one hour this time.

2. The On-Campus Fitness Center has Yoga Classes?
Took me a full semester to learn that those back rooms in the gym that I used to privately do my sit-ups and squats are actually used to hold fitness classes. Once I made this discovery I found that they worked as a great stress reliever. I was making friends in these classes, becoming stronger, more flexible, and overall less stressed and happier.

3. Get Away from Campus
There’s nothing quite like hitting the road with home as the destination. There’s something about a home-cooked meal and warm embraces that helps to alleviate the burdens of academics and the atmosphere that comes with it. However, if home doesn’t bring you the peace you need or is more than a car ride away, don’t worry! Ladies, getting a manicure and treating yourself can be a great way to spend your afternoon. Gentlemen, try an afternoon at the batting cages or on the golf course. If this article finds you in colder weather, try a night at your favorite spot to root for your team or get the crew together for a night out on the town. Creativity is key!

4. Make Time for Your Friends
Go to a concert or spend a night out on the town, or even enjoy a simple night in watching a movie. When you’re stressed out you tend to focus on all the things you have to do and how quickly the deadlines are coming. Being around your friends can help you to refocus and enjoy your time in college. There will always be deadlines in life but your days eating pizza and watching movies on the floor of your best friends dorm room are limited.

5. Talk About It.
Everyone around you on campus has either felt or is feeling the stress that you are. So talk about it! Don’t keep it bottled up until the point where you’re calling your best friend or your mom at 2am with writers block and fumbling over your words in a rant about how you can’t handle the pressure. As things happen, open up about it. For me, I usually grab food with friends and without fail someone will bring up something that happened that day, whether it be something that bothered them or is something they’re looking forward to. This is your opportunity to open up and get feedback on how you should approach what you’re going through from people you trust. What are friends for if you can’t talk to them? Unlock your lips and feel the tension in your shoulders begin to ease.

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