5 Words to add to your vocabulary before applying to college

• Prerequisite: a prerequisite, or “pre-req,” as they’re most commonly called, is a course or other certification that a student must have completed before enrolling in a specific class or degree program.
• Transcript: a transcript is a document that tracks your academic history. In college, it will record every course you take, when you took it, the grade you received, and any other pertinent information, including the degree program you’ve enrolled in and any classes you drop.
• Credit hours: Your progress toward a degree is measured by your completion of credit hours. Most commonly marked in threes, they can be doled out in any number. You will also have to be registered for a certain number of credit hours each semester in order to be considered a full-time student.
• Syllabus: A syllabus is essentially a binding contract between a faculty member and his/her students. Every important aspect of a course, including required textbooks, class guidelines, and graded elements of the class will be recorded there.
• Withdrawals: More often referred to as “Ws,” these are marks that go on your transcript when you drop a course. A few “Ws” aren’t bad, but too many don’t look very good on your transcript.

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