Sorting Beauty Myths from Facts

Sorting Beauty Myths from Facts

It’s time to freshen up your beauty knowledge! Separate fact from fiction to maximize your products and simplify your beauty routine.

Rumor: Don’t Wax During Your Period
Reality: It’s true!
You are more sensitive right before and during your period. While there is no real harm in getting a wax during this time, you can save yourself a little bit of pain by planning your waxing schedule around a different time of month.

Rumor: Shaving Your Hair Makes It Grow Fast
Reality: False!
What you do to the ends of your hair will only affect the ends of your hair. Because you are cutting the hair at its widest point (the base) it may feel thicker when it grows back but it’s still the same hair.

Rumor: Plucking Hairs Can Stop Them From Growing Back
Reality: It’s true- sorta.
You can’t expect to plunk a hair and have it gone for good. However, if you do repeated pluck the same hair over and over, you can damage the cuticle. This can be an issue with your eyebrows for better or worse. If you overpluck for many years, you may find that the hair doesn’t grow back.

Rumor: You Shouldn’t Rub Your Wrist Together AFter Applying Perfume
Reality: It’s true!
You can actually alter the scent by doing it this way so just leave it to air dry.

Rumor: There’s No Wrong Way to File Your Nails
Reality: False!
Only file your nails in one direction. Making a back-and-forth motion can damage your nails and make them more prone to breakage.

Rumor: Antiperspirants Cause Cancer
Reality: False!
There is no proven evidence that antiperspirants are bad for your health. If you like natural deodorants, stick with them but don’t be afraid of using antiperspirants if you need them.

Rumor: The Average Woman Eats a Pound of Lipstick Per Year
Reality: Nope!
Even if you wear lipstick every day, it would take more than a lifetime to eat a pound. Do you ever buy a pound of lipstick every year? Probably not.

Rumor: Toothpaste Is A Great Acne Treatment
Reality: Don’t bother!
While it’s true that some toothpastes contain benzoyl peroxide, not all of them do. Skip the middle man and just pick up some benzoyl peroxide. It’s more effective and worth having on hand anyway.

Rumor: Perfume Will Last Longer In the Fridge
Reality: Keep It Out of There!
Storing perfume in the fridge isn’t good for your fragrance or the food in your fridge. It won’t last any longer in there and it can actually affect other foods like milk or butter.

Rumor: Trimming Cuticles Cause Them to Grow Thicker
Reality: It’s true!
Stick with simply pushing back your cuticles. Cutting them makes them prone to infection and often cause them to swell with irritation.

Rumor: You Can Make Up for Lost Sleep On Weekends
Reality: Nope!
You really do need to get enough sleep every single night. You can’t catch up on weekends so focus on getting as much sleep as you can during the week.

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