Why work in hospitality


Whether you are contemplating a career change or are already working in the hospitality industry, earning a formal credential can greatly improve your career. Here are our top six reasons to go to hospitality school:

Get a better job and make more money

This is a no-brainer. Many studies have shown a direct link between your level of education and your earning potential, and that link extends to vocational training. If you are working in the hospitality industry, for example in food service, earning a certificate or diploma from a trade school is the number one way you can advance your career. Not only will you be eligible for better jobs, but those jobs will also bring you a bigger paycheck.

Gain practical experience

If you have been on the job hunt lately, you have probably encountered many job descriptions that sound perfect for you, but require experience. Many hospitality schools offer externships and other practicums where you can gain the experience necessary to get the job of your dreams.

Update your knowledge and skills

If you entered the hospitality industry even a couple of years ago, you have surely noticed how much things have changed with advances in technology. Earning a diploma or certificate from a hospitality school is a great way to update your knowledge and skills and make sure you are keeping up with the trends.

Prepare for licensing or certification

Many hospitality professions already require licensing or certification and those that don’t are heading in that direction. Even in areas where licensing or certification isn’t absolutely necessary, like event planning, most employers prefer to hire workers who are licensed. If you are planning to start your own business, such as a catering company, earning a formal credential and becoming licensed is often the only way for you to get on local business registries. Hospitality schools provide the knowledge and skill base necessary for students to succeed on licensing or certification exams.

Take the first step toward a degree

As the hospitality business expands, more opportunities for education are becoming available. If you think you might want to pursue a two- or four-year degree in the future, going to a hospitality trade school now can help you get back into “student mode” and may provide you with credits you can transfer into your degree program.

Feel more confident

Education is a great confidence-booster, especially if you apply yourself and do well in your courses. The credential you earn will catch the attention of hiring managers and the confidence you develop will help you nail the interview.

These are just some of the reasons to earn a vocational diploma or certificate from a hospitality school. Discover the many other reasons by researching the programs available in your area or online.

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