6 Ways to get a Jump-Start on Your Career

You’ve hit the books, and you’re wondering what’s next. Time to hit the books again, and this time it’s to discover your future. The most successful people are always thinking ahead. It’s time you become one of those successful people and consider some next steps.
The sooner you start thinking about life after college, the better. I’m not saying to worry about this during your entire college career, but it’s a good idea to be thinking about what you want to be doing right after college. Here are some ways to help you get ahead in your career and line up a job for right after you graduate.
Get an Internship
Paid or unpaid- it’s work experience. Take an internship class while at school and learn as much as you can working under a professional. You’ll gain a whole new understanding of your field and have a promising resume addition under your belt.
I cannot stress the importance of research when choosing a career. Are you a history major? Search what kinds of opportunities history majors have taken on following graduation. Look up different job postings and look at the qualifications. Decide what steps you need to take to become successful based on the ideas of what others have accomplished.
Create a Resume
Making your resume now will save you hours of hassle later. Create a comprehensive format that best reflects you. Put your favorite jobs you’ve worked and convey why. Show yourself off in a professional, coherent way.
Seek Advice from Your Professors
These are the people know students best. They know how it is in the real world. They’ve seen students succeed and fail at figuring out a career, and they have great advice to share with you about where to go next. If you’re stuck, set up a meeting with your favorite professor who will give you great insight on your options for the future. Listen to their advice and take what they have to say to heart. They are there to help.
Attend Events for Your Major or Minor
Does your department have an upcoming event? Cancel your other plans and go to it. These events are incredibly informative and most often invite successful alumni to share their experiences with students. Take advantage of these opportunities while you are still in school. Use these events to network and help you figure out where your future lies in regards to your industry.
Decide Your Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
Your career is only a fraction of your life. Take the time to plan out what else your life has in store for you. This could include family, hobbies, and other pursuits. Consider what your life will look like outside of your career; this will help you ultimately help you plan for and choose a life of self-fulfillment.

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