7 Beach Day Must Haves

Think you are ready to hit the beach? Double check your beach bag to make sure you have all of these crucial items and don’t get caught sulking in the sand.
1. Sunscreen. Just do it. Seriously, this product protects your health and your beauty. Sunblock also lets you get the most out of your day by making sure you don’t burn early on.
2. Sunglasses. Even if it is a bit cloudy out, bringing sunglasses is always a good idea. Bring some that are oversized or in a fun color to spice things up.
3. Sun dress. You can layer a sun dress over your bikini to wear while walking or riding to the beach and then put it back on to grab some shade or while stopping for a bite to eat. A cute dress is always nice to have if your group wants to leave and you are still sitting in a wet bathing suit. No one wants to ride in a car with someone still soaking wet.
4. Cute flats. Just because you are headed to the beach doesn’t mean that you should immediately throw on flip flops. Cute beaded sandals work just as well, or throw on the newly popular “slider,” which is a slip on pool sandal. You can make any type of sandal work for a day outside and an evening out.
5. Your favorite suit. Once you remove your cover up you want to feel confident and HOT, so make sure to wear your favorite suit when going to the beach with a group of friends.
6. Snacks. If you are spending all day outside the sun can take a lot out of you, especially if you partake in a quick dip or game of beach volleyball. Things that stay dry and don’t need to be kept cold are best. Think pretzels, bananas, and trail mix.
7. Water. Speaking of food, especially salty snacks, it is super important to stay hydrated while laying out in the sun. As much as you want to drink that beer remember that you will stay slimmer and feel better if you drink plenty of H2O.

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