7 Benefits of Working While Attending College

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The college life is so much more than just attending classes, studying and having fun with your friends. The time you spend in college is the best time to learn life lessons & improve your skills that will be helpful for your bright future. Working while attending college may look like it’s all for money. But there are uncountable benefits of working while attending a university. Academic knowledge plus real life job experience teaches important lessons that all responsible adults need to learn also it will make you prime candidate for your future job.
Here are seven best benefits of working while attending college.
1) Students who worked at 17 they will get a good salary package at 19 & 21
Working 33 hours a week during the college year at the age of 15 – 17 led to approximately a 25%income increase at the age of 19 – 21.

2) Students who worked, whether it was during college year tended to find better jobs in the future.
The harder you work the luckier you get. Now days most of the organizations looking for candidate who have past job experiences. So those who worked during the college years have great chance to get a dream job because of their college life job experiences.

3) Feeling of freedom
We all know pocket money is not enough during the college life. We need a good money flow to enjoy college life, parties, shopping and many more. If you’re working somewhere, then you get money for your hard work and you don’t need to depend upon your parents for pocket money. So more you work and learn it’s easy to earn good amount of money that give you the feeling of independence and that feeling is very important to build a strong work ethic and a sense of accomplishment.

4) Skill Development
Whatever you learn in your classroom is most of the theoretical stuff. You read books you attend lectures, but there is a big difference in theoretical studies and practical knowledge. If you are working while studying than you will get both the things theoretical knowledge from your college books and practical knowledge from your job and this both thighs together improve your skills of time management, networking, presentation skills and many more.

5) Networking
If you are working while studying than there is huge opportunities to make professional contacts and networks. Because of your work you get a chance to meet new people you also get a chance to work with them and while working you can learn how to work as a team with others who is different than you. It is a very important skill that you learn before you join full time job. And the relationship you build on your previous job will help you to secure solid references for your resume or land an interview for and an internship.

6) Money Management
It’s not how much money you earn, it’s how you save it. Those who don’t manage their money will always work for those who do. Working while attending college is the best time to learn how to responsibly handle finances that you get from your part time job. You need to responsibly handle finances for your future. If you learn money management skill at college life than only you can make your life wealthy in your future.

7) Working while attending college puts you Puts You Ahead of the Competition
Gaining work experience while learning puts you ahead of the competition. Now day’s recruiters looking for someone who have good experiences they are not looking how much marks you earn in your college semesters. At the end of the moment we all know particle knowledge is more important than a college degree. So you will get more advantage than new graduates who are also seeking jobs. Also, you can start your small business after graduation. We all know startups are trending now days you need to make a proper plan and add your past experiences and networking skills in it and you are ready to go.

Here is some job example that you can do while attending college
Tutor – if you are good in a particular subject, visit your school’s learning center and inquire about tutoring work. Average pay: $10 – $30 per hour.
Social Media Marketing – If your social media savvy than you can start social media marketing and branding work. Ask for new startups and start managing their social media channels like Facebook Page, Twitter Page, YouTube Channel and many more. Average pay: $20 – $30 per hour.
Baby sitter – If you love spending time with kids than if you love working with kids, try offering babysitting services on nights and weekends. Average pay: $7 – $13 per hour.
Coffeehouse – If you spend most of your time in the coffeehouses, then ask for an application? Average pay: $8 – $9 per hour, plus tips.
Internships – keep an eye open for possible internships. This is and very good way to gain valuable experiences. Average pay: Depends upon work profile.
Working while attending college is challenging, but it offers many benefits. At the end of the day, the experience you get is worth it. You don’t have to work 22 or more hours a week just do what you can, whether it’s 8 hours, 16 hours, or less. The important thing is that you’re gaining skills you can apply to your future career.

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