Dealing with Homesickness

Tiffany Chiu is a current sophomore studying Intensive Psychology at University of California, Santa Cruz. She is an enthusiast for photography, fashion, writing, and food. Her ultimate dream is to travel the world.

Let’s face it. It’s tough dealing with homesickness when you are away from the familiarity of your old friends and family. Leaving the comfort zone of your hometown and entering a new environment in college can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. But don’t fret. There are some ways to combat homesickness when you are away from home. Through my experiences with homesickness, I have compiled seven tips that may help you get through your time in distress.

1. Keep in Contact With Your Family and Friends

It’s easier to deal with homesickness when you are able to hear the comforting voice of your beloved family members and friends. Keeping in touch with them can make your transition to a new environment more smoothly. If you have access to your phone or computer, try to find time in your schedule to talk with them on a regular basis. You can also try writing them a sentimental and thoughtful letter Having the reassurance that the most important people in your life love you no matter what circumstance you are enduring will make your homesickness easier to cope.

2. Share Your Feelings of Homesickness to People You Trust

Often times, having an emotional outlet is helpful to release your stress and anxiety of being away from home. Whether it’s your roommate or a close friend you trust, they can be vital resources in helping you overcome your homesickness. Let your guards down and share your innermost feelings with them. Although they won’t make your problems magically go away, they can reassure you that you are not alone during this difficult time.

3. Write in a Journal

When we are homesick, we often find ourselves with our own sporadic thoughts. My suggestion to you is to write them all down. Not only does writing in a journal help you sort through your own thoughts, but it also helps you learn more about yourself and your goals.

4. Seek Professional Help

Counseling services on campus are present on your school campus for a reason; take advantage of them! In the midst of your anxiety and stress, counselors are available to help you talk through your frustrations and stress.

5. Get Involved

Staying busy with extracurricular activities can help ease your mind. By getting involved with school activities, you will find greater joy in meeting new people and staying connected with your school community. Whether it’s volunteer work or sports, engage in an activity that you are passionate about. Keeping your schedule busy will help take your mind off your homesickness.

6. Exercise

Exercising is a great way to relax your mind. When you want an emotional lift, exercising proves to improve your mood drastically. Although it will not cure your homesickness, it will surely make you feel happier and more relaxed.

7. Remember that you are Loved

Remember that you are not alone. God, your friends and friends love you. Trust that there is love around you, even if you cannot feel it. Stay positive and know that things will get better in time.

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