Study tips for finals week

By Kaytee Lorentzen

It is that time of year that finals are approaching. I already know what you are thinking, all-nighters, crazy amount of caffeine flowing through your veins, and a week possibly ending in tears. However, I am going to give you a few tips to help you survive this dreadful week. I have been through (and currently in) seven finals weeks and I can assure you that I have experienced most of these things.

1. Do not cram everything in at once. That will not help you remember when it comes to taking tests. Spread things out throughout the week, or even better, start studying two weeks before finals. A chapter a day will help this process go by faster. Just review the previous chapter the day before to help you see what all you could remember and what you still need to work on.

2. Chew gum. If you already chew gum, choose a flavor you don’t normally chew. Start while you are studying and when you get to the test, chew the same flavor. It will help you remember what you studied.

3. SLEEP! Pulling all-nighters will actually hurt you in the long run. You need to be well rested before a test.

4. Take breaks. After about an hour of studying, take a break. I am not meaning go on social media or watch television. Physically do something else. Try going to the gym for a while, cleaning your room, doing the dishes, or making dinner. Do something physical to give your brain a break.

5. Read over your past assignments, tests, and quizzes. Most professors use the same questions they use on other tests.

6. Figure out your learning style. I am one of those terrible tests takers. However, I learned what my learning style was to be able to study more efficiently.

7. Listen to music without words. Don’t just listen to instrumental versions but try classical music or Electric Dance Music. I listen to EDM because it is upbeat instead of classical, which usually puts me to sleep. It helps you pay attention because music is the only time where you are using both parts of your brain at the same time. Having it without words makes reading easier.

8. Find your study spot. I am very weird about were I study. I am a photojournalism major. I find it easiest to study for tests in the architecture building studios. I hate going to the library, and I hate it being too quiet. Studio is where most of my work gets done because there is constant movement and it is not that quiet. However, try not to do studying in your bed. That will only make you tired.

If you have any other tricks that work for you, go ahead and do them. This is just what I have been doing to help me study and survive finals week. Just always remember to study for your finals. You are in school to get a degree, then have fun. Happy studying!

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