A Casual Observer’s Guide to Skirts

I feel like some women, particularly those who tend towards feminism, are slightly more conflicted about skirts than maybe we should be. Let’s face it: culture could’ve gone the other way, and it could’ve been considered manly to wear a skirt (like it is in Scotland), and then we would be deprived of this pretty, feminine fashion statement. So the question really isn’t whether or not to wear a skirt, because let’s face it, they twirl and they’re AWESOME. The question is what type of skirt best fits your personality.

I’m no expert on skirts, so I’m just going to take you through a few basic conclusions that I’ve come to through observation:

1) The pencil skirt: This basic is great for any and all professional attire. It actually makes you stand out against the competition. It says, “I’m a classy lady and I’m not afraid to show it. Cross me, and I will take, you, down.” Alternatively, it can say “I’m a total sweetheart.” Depends on how you play it.

3) The print skirt: It’s a skirt, and there’s a print on it. That is all. It says you’re fun and know how to dress up a solid with some bold color activity. And possibly that you’re really into vintage.

4) The leg-cutter: It’s sounds terrible because it is. This skirt comes to the exact middle of your leg, and cuts your height in half. Unless you’re 5’10 and your legs aren’t cute…don’t. Just don’t.

Either really long, or short enough to be interesting. Stick with those, and rock out.

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