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The field of graphic design combines artistry and communication into one medium.  As more and more companies and communication media go online, the need for talented and enthusiastic graphic designers is higher than ever.  For many, they want to get into that field and start their career as soon as possible, and a four-year degree is not always for everyone.  A multitude of graphic design jobs are available for graphic design graduates with two-year Associate’s Degrees.

An Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design can be achieved in the traditional classroom setting as well as online.  For many, the online format makes achieving the dream of a rewarding career in design even more attainable. These online programs allow students the flexibility to work and juggle a full class load at the same time, studying and attending classes according to their schedule and needs.

A Degree in Graphic Design opens up doors to employment opportunities in businesses and media, as designers work to make products, publications and web sites not only aesthetically pleasing but also communicative.

An Associate’s Degree will normally get you positions as an entry level designer for larger firms and companies but give you more flexibility for career growth in smaller firms or even through freelance design opportunities.  After achieving your degree and beginning your job, you can always return to complete your Bachelor’s Degree, utilizing the resources and knowledge gained in your Associate’s program to further your education.

The beauty of graphic design is the need covers a variety of fields.  Design is not only limited to journalism and communications media.  Businesses, non-profits, agencies and more are always looking for talented designers who can improve their brand and express the message they wish to convey in print form but more and more through online multimedia.

A degree in Graphic Design can offer you opportunities to work in a team environment for larger and small design firms, but the field can also allow for solo opportunities.  Many designers do not limit themselves to working for one specific company but work on a self-employed, freelance basis as an independent contractor.  This option allows you to be your own boss, set your own work schedule and hours and pick and choose the jobs as they come.

The opportunities are endless, and that is the beauty of this field.   You can make of it what you want.  Taking that first step to get your degree will put you on that path to success.

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