A Healthy Lifestyle Now

As a young woman, you are adapting to a lot of changes in your high school days. The most important thing that you can do for your future health is to work hard to establish a healthy lifestyle now. Making it a habit to eat right and exercise while you are young will ensure that you continue this lifestyle through the end of high school, into college and beyond.
If you play sports in high school and don’t think you are going to go on to continue playing in college, you must begin recognizing how you are going to fill that void in your levels of physical activity. This could include joining a club or intramural team in college to stay involved in your sport. This could also mean that you begin working out regularly. Cardio, weight training and other sorts of exercise a few days a week for an hour or so each time will be a great replacement of the levels of fitness that you miss once you are done being a part of a sports team.
If you are not the running and weight training kind of person, which is perfectly normal, there are a lot of other fun options that you can choose to do to get in shape and establish a healthy lifestyle. From yoga to pilates, there are great alternatives to getting your body feeling great without spending hours on a treadmill or outside. Look up local studios near you and check out if they have a student rate to join.
Exercising a lot is a great way to stay in shape but if you are eating unhealthy, you are not going to see the results that you are working so hard for. Eating healthy is a crucial part to establishing a healthy lifestyle. Eat clean – a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins such as chicken and fish. Yes, it is okay to indulge on pizza and ice cream every once and awhile when you get the craving but always consume in moderation.

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