A healthy way to get good grades

A fit and healthy lifestyle is essential to being successful in college. How active you are will have an impact on how your brain performs and therefore, how well you can do on tests and exams. When the busy schedule of college catches up to you, sometimes exercising and eating right are the first things to be sacrificed.
This is the wrong strategy to take to maintain everything that you have going on. Experts have shown that exercise keeps your brain stimulated and therefore makes it easier to study and live out your day-to-day life.
Whether it is a brief run around campus, weight toning a specific part of your body or doing brief exercises in your room – you can find time to fit in some activity to your day. Make it a habit and don’t sacrifice your health because you get busy.
Eating right is also extremely important to your health. Yes, it is easy to grab a bag of chips and energy drink to get you through a long night of cramming before an exam – but this is going to do more damage to your productivity than you may realize.
Choosing healthier snacks will keep your body feeling better and therefore make it easier to accomplish everything that you try to do each day, especially getting the energy to workout.
Here are ten snacks that you should reach for next time you are hungry:
1) Almonds: Heart-healthy fats, vitamin E, fat burning abilities
2) Greek yogurt – Great source of carbs and protein
3) Peanut butter & celery – Another great source of protein with the benefits of vitamins in vegetables
4) Nature Valley Granola – Whether it is a bar or fruit crisps, this is an easy snack to toss into your bag for a snack on a long day
5) Carrots & hummus – The vitamins and benefits of this snack leave you satisfied
6) Feta, tomato & olive oil – This is a savory treat and the benefits of olive oil are great for your health
7) String cheese – Great option for those of you who love dairy and need a portable snack
8) Trail mix – The nuts and dried fruit in trail mix are great for making you feel full but be cautious of the kinds with chocolate
9) Dark chocolate – If you do need to get your chocolate fix in, dark chocolate has great heart health benefits
10) Popcorn – Make sure that it is the fat-free kind without the extra movie theatre butter

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