How to pick a major

My name is Rachel Rollar, I was born and raised in South Florida before I headed out to the Lone Star State where I spent the past few years anchoring three evening newscasts for Central Texas, East Texas, and Shreveport, LA. Before that I was a MMJ, but, let’s back up a little. I graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of the Arts in Communication in 2012 before I ever went to “work on the TV.”

Believe it or not, growing up, the news was not a channel often tuned in to on my TV at home. My parents always said the news was “too negative” and “too depressing.” Like any normal High School student I toyed back & forth with what I wanted to “be when I grew up.” Truth is, I was not one of those aspiring journalists that was glued to every network news station since before they could talk. I didn’t start every day with a cup of coffee, morning news, and skimming headlines. In fact, I barely drink coffee today, but that’s beside the point. Let’s put it this way, I jumped from wanting to be a Kindergarten teacher to considering Law School.

It was definitely one of those “light bulb moments” my senior year of High School that I was able to collaborate my love of writing, personal relations, on-camera passion, and my desire to make a difference, (even if it just meant making someone smile) that I realized I wanted to be a “News Anchor.”

In this industry, many say, “no news is good news, but for the press good news is not news.” I disagree. Life happens, good and bad. There’s good news out there, it all just depends on your perspective and delivery. I have come to realize that picking your college major can be a work in progress or it can be a money shot. Thankfully for me, it was the latter. I have never been more challenged and humbled all at the same time.

There is a point in your life when you’ll come to realize that your college major will no longer affect just “YOU.” It will affect every person you encounter and work with from the day you graduate. I have never been more thankful to do what I love and for people to appreciate my “energetic and upbeat personality.” A lot has changed since High School. My parents do watch the news regularly (mainly so we have more to talk about) and I do start every day with morning news and sometimes even a cup of coffee. However, my mission has not changed. Changing people’s perspective on our “negative culture” has always been a goal of mine, and finding the good news within the bad news will always be my mission.

My challenge to you is this: Find a major that naturally fits your personality. College is hard enough between the daily struggle to balance class, friendships, and being away from home. (and trust me, that struggle is real!) Enroll in classes that challenge you and inspire you, classes that excite you to show up every day. If you find yourself crying over the syllabus on day one, there’s a chance that’s just not your passion. Don’t be afraid to change your mind. After all, you have to make up your mind in order to change the world.

How to pick a major

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