Nonprofit Career

Working for a non-profit organization can be a very fulfilling and rewarding life. You will work for a mission that truly means something to you and will spend most of your time helping others. While it can be a very emotionally fulfilling career, it doesn’t mean it’s the best paying career. However if you are not worried about your finances and prefer to spend your time helping out those in need, perhaps you should consider a career as a non-profit worker.

The most ideal candidate to work for a non-profit organization is a freshly graduated college student with some volunteer work in the past. If you have volunteered at a non-profit organization before then it’s even more ideal. You already have some work experience and knowledge as to how the process works. There are some non-profit organizations who won’t even hire entry-level candidates so it’s best to look around and see who the ideal fit is for you when searching for a job. If the organization you really desire to work for isn’t taking entry-level positions, find another cause you are passionate about. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
It is also beneficial if you have a bachelor’s degree in public relations with some knowledge of fundraising skills. However, if you have the right personality and fit for the organization, chances are a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts will also be acceptable as well.
It is especially important that those who work in non-profit are comfortable wearing many hats. There are some non-profits that are very small and just starting off and cannot afford to hire a large staff. This means that you will have to take on many tasks, including: fundraising, paperwork, organizing events, and tracking the budget. As you get more comfortable with what you are doing, you will be given more responsibility and also be taught how to essentially run a non-profit business. As the organization gets larger, additional staff will be hired to handle the large amount of workload.
Are there any benefits working in a non-profit organization?
A career in non-profit isn’t exactly the highest paying career in the world but it does have some perks. Besides your job being very fulfilling and rewarding, many non-profits do try to provide certain perks and benefits, such as paid time off. If you eventually wish to become a non-profit organization director, you may want to pursue a master’s degree in public policy. Of course you can pursue your master’s while still working for your organization so you do not lose out on any vital work experience.

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