A petite girl living in a big world

I am a senior at the University of Cincinnati-let’s go bearcats! Majoring in marketing and communications. I am a lead choreographer/manager at Satrangi school of fusion (dance company).I am a clothes, food and football fanatic

As a girl who doesn’t even reach the 5ft mark and is obsessed with fashion I know all the struggles of being so small. From the countless short jokes that you hear at least twice a day, to the, “you look like your 12, you can’t be in college!” lines no one seems to take petite women very seriously.

Along with these problems comes the struggle of shopping. You have a glimmer of hope every time you go into a store that you will find the perfect outfit; that will make you look taller, more feminine and overall gorgeous. As you stuff yourself into the fitting room with your various options reality kick’s in. You go through your options hanger after hanger, some are too long, some are too baggy and some just look like you stole clothes from a giant. The frustration hits you fast, and suddenly the shopping trip you were so excited for turns into a self-esteem downer. So what do you do next? Either you go to the high-end shops and spend 50 dollars on one top, or you accept dressing in baggy clothes for the rest of your life. I wasn’t going to settle for either one of those options. Fashion for me shows the world who I am, and baggy clothes are definitely not me.

So what was my solution? The magic of sewing, they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, well sewing is a petite girl’s best friend. Sewing is affordable and can make any piece of clothing fit exactly how you want it to. Once I started learning how to sew so many more doors opened for me; making shopping as enjoyable as it should be.

Once the problem of size has been fixed, you can start focusing on what type of clothes are perfect for your body shape. One of my favorite styles is the Maxi dress, but I would always shy away from this style thinking I would look even shorter in a longer dress. This is not true! Maxi dresses look gorgeous on petite women, just be aware that you buy smaller prints or a solid color, bigger prints will make a petite women look shorter. Another fashion favorite, specially for fall are boots, being a smaller girl I would recommend always wearing boots that hit you a little bit below the knee, this will elongate your legs, making you look taller. One of the harder styles to deal with are dresses when it comes to shorter women. My go to style for dresses is the align style, this is classy and always fits like a glove. If you want to show off your curves more a body con dress is also an easy style for petite women, you can even put a cropped sweater on top for the colder seasons.

Being petite can be difficult, but there are a lot of advantages for us too! We will always be able to wear heels, we will look younger than our age, which will be a blessing in the upcoming years, and we will almost never be taller than the guy we date! So if your petite like me go out there and embrace your body and show the world how feminine and mature you really can be!

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