Web design vs graphic design

Some people may think web designers and graphic designers are the same profession. It can come as a rude awakening when people realize that they are in fact not the same at all. This article will describe the differences of both and perhaps help you to decide which one is best suited for you.
How is a web designer different from a graphic designer?
A web designer is someone who will create and modify all aspects of the site. This means they will and can change anything from the graphics, to the content, its capacity, and also the performance. A web designer must be as equally technical as they are creative. Instead of spending time sketching on a pad, they are busy coding and programming to make their website just right. One advantage that they do have over a graphic designer is that they can take their time and develop their work over times. Most graphic designers only have one chance to get their design to hit the mark. Web designers can interact with the client or audience mutually to ultimately decide what is best for the site. Graphic designers have a one way relationship with the client and must stick to the conditions the client has placed on them to create what they want.
A graphic designer is a professional who mainly focuses on creating visuals to meet the needs of their client. These needs can be promotional or commercial or even more specific such as packaging, logos or displays. Graphic designers do not change anything on a company’s website, rather they create visuals that will enhance the site or promote it via the direction of whatever their employer wants. While both professions are creative, a web designer has freer rein in what they wish to do with a web site.
Are there educational differences?
Both graphic and web designers will need to take courses in coding and programming but web designers will need to understand other languages such as Javascript and jQuery. Graphic designers on the other hand will need to be versed in things such as Adobe Creative Suite and typesetting. Both require bachelor’s degrees in order to earn entry level positions, though graphic designers do have a chance at earning a job if they have an associate’s degree in the field. Ultimately it will be your preference which courses you will enjoy more. If you prefer the more technical side of web development then you should focus on web design. Those who enjoy the more creative and artistic side of the digital world should take a try at graphic design.
Is there a salary difference?
Due to the technicality of web designing, those who have a career in it typically earn more. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers earned a median annual salary of $44, 150 while those in web design earned an annual salary of $62, 500. However your passions should not be based on who has a higher pay. Your career should be about what you the most passionate about. You don’t want to be in a career you hate just because the money is good.
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