Accessorize Your Wardrobe


Stephanie Minn is a journalism student of Northwestern University’s Class of 2018, though she is a Southern California native. With an interest in international affairs and a love for writing, she hopes to become a foreign correspondent for a major print publication. She was a member of her high school’s Model United Nations team and newspaper staff, in which she plans to continue participating in college. When she isn’t trying to finish school work or her latest article, she enjoys reading classics, practicing yoga, and watching House of Cards. 

With the little closet space you have in your dorm, you might want to consider using accessories to vary your recycled outfits. Neutral, dark basics can become your best friend when you pair them with fun accessories.


Scarves, no matter the season, are always in style and great for the casual look. During colder weather, they are both necessary and cute. Knit infinity or circle scarves provide the most warmth and never fail to make an outfit look fuller. Look for bright, solid colors to make an outfit pop, even in the dreary weather. Scarves are even great for the summer. A light, cotton scarf with an exciting print can spice up a white tee or tank top. Most of all, scarves can be worn in so many different ways that they’re never boring.


Statement necklaces are huge during summer and spring. Just like a scarf, a necklace in a bold color can completely make an outfit. These necklaces can be both casual and formal, depending on the style. An eye-catching gold necklace, or any color for that matter, complements any cute black dress. Try not to pair them with other big jewelry pieces or a crazy print. When going casual, such as for a Saturday afternoon outing, these necklaces don’t have to be worn with neutrals; feel free to play with different colored pieces.


Watches don’t just keep the time! While outfits can be fine without them, a fabulous watch can be the cherry on top and never go unnoticed. Watches can make you look more mature and polished. Rose gold watches are glamorous and definitely trending right now. Luckily they match with almost everything. So many features of the watch can be customized: faces come in cute patterns and prints, such as floral or tribal, and bands can be any color leather or metal.

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