Accounting and Financial Management


An education in accounting is just one door opening to an exciting career in business, but financial management and accounting can open that door even wider to a vast variety of opportunities for success.

The beauty of adding financial management to your background is you can utilize this degree in pretty much all forms of business: large, small, corporation, non-profit.  Without finance, no business could survive, so the demand for dedicated professionals who are knowledgeable in finance and accounting is higher than ever.  Companies all over the spectrum are looking for people who know finance and accounting inside and out and can truly help their businesses.

Financial management can be added as a double major or minor for someone pursuing a degree in accounting.  These programs are available for students who can take programs in a traditional, on-campus setting but also students who require remote, online education to fit their busy schedules.

Financial management courses will add to the skill and knowledge you will acquire as an accounting major by adding a background in financial analysis, forecasting portfolio management, cash management, international finance and risk management.  The goal is to walk away with the ability to analyze a company’s financial performance and ensure good financial health.

Courses will teach you how firms raise funds as well as make decisions for their portfolios and projections.  You will review aspects in both domestic and international markets.  More importantly, you will focus a great deal of your studies on developing strong business ethics and learn how to manage conflicts of interest with integrity and grace.

Job opportunities in this area are projected to increase by 40 percent through 2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Career opportunities exist from business financial management to investment management and banking management.  Graduates can even pursue financial management on an international level.  The resources are there; it is all just a matter of what you make of it.


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