How to get a job acting

Going to classes, learning a craft and rehearsing in a safe environment is all well and good for acting school but eventually you will want to get a job. Students graduate and move on but the connection students make in school can be invaluable in securing those first few jobs. Networking with instructors and fellow students can land roles in local productions.

With a film school in nearly every city, those film students need to produce short student films. Guess where they go to get actors? They post auditions on acting schools’ bulletin boards. Putting together a reel of your work is critical for an acting student. At schools you will meet people who need actors to fulfill their needs and you also get some footage for your reel.

Jobs will be available at local community theatres and while they may not pay in the beginning, it gives a student exposure, experience and builds your resume. Learning about these opportunities again is available at acting schools.

Frequently directors who need to fill roles go to instructors at acting schools and get recommendations on their up and coming students. Classmates can get leads from other students on roles opening up that they have heard about in the school. The networking that is available in this environment is endless.

In acting school you can learn how to use social media to market yourself. Find out how to best design your website. Discover what to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those other sites that are to come. Through classes or networking you can find the best sites to register as an actor. You can get as busy as you want developing your end game while you are still in acting school.

Don’t forget the ultimate reason why you are in acting school and that is to get a gig, have a career, achieve stardom i.e. get a job!

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