ACTING SCHOOLS: He’s an Imposter!

Do you realize the guy sitting next to in Acting School is an imposter? No, he’s not a spy or out to “steal” your material. He may be someone as benign as a businessman. It is suggested that people who need to make public presentations or be in front of an audience take acting lessons to build self-confidence.

Acting schools can help anyone make a better delivery. For instance, persuading a board room of officers to buy a proposal requires a level of comfort. Explaining a technical issue to a conference hall full of 300 faces all staring at you isn’t easy especially when they all expect you to be brilliant.

It is often said that public speaking is the greatest fear to most individuals. What better way to overcome that fear than to join an acting class or two and get your feet wet. If you can play Willy Loman in DEATH OF A SALESMAN you can stand in front of a full auditorium.

Another “imposter” type who may be lurking around the acting schools but who is NOT an actor is a Director! Again, touted in many a textbook on learning the craft of directing he or she needs to take some acting classes. A good director needs to know what an actor is going through.

In acting school, a director will find the different learning styles that actors use to “find” their character. Directors gain insight into what makes an actor tick, what it feels like to be on stage or in front of a camera. In front of an audience of their peers a director can sense the real life jitters one may get before a performance. And more importantly the director can learn how to use these jitters to her advantage. When working with her own acting stars a director taps into what will make any particular actor deliver the necessary emotion.

So next time you are in an acting class look right and look left and realize, someone in your class is not an actor at all but an imposter hoping to find out how you do what you do.

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