How to become an actuary

Are you looking for a career with high salaries, job security and endless opportunities? Despite feeling a bit geeky being an actuary fulfills all these requirements of a job search. More than a desire for good pay, you will need to have a skill set that matches the needs of being an actuary.
Having skills and adeptness in mathematics is one of the basic tenets of being an actuary. You will use mathematics, statistics, calculus and logic or probability to design programs that weigh risks. Principles in each of these disciplines will help you factor the reward of certain risks.
Being a problem solver is a good attribute to possess as an actuary. You will identify the problem or the risk and find ways to manage the risks. In insurance, often the solution is to spread the risk over a larger population. Problem solving can be developed early in looking to everyday problems in your life and looking for solutions.
Analytical skills will help you take those problems, apply mathematics and analyze. Looking for patterns and trends is the daily matter an analyst deals with. Analyzing these patterns will help discern the probable effect on future events.
You will be working with computers all day long so having some computer skills is not only a good idea but basically a requirement. In fact learning how to program so that you can write code for developing databases and spreadsheets is advantageous.
After you’ve done the math and analysis you will need to explain your hypothesis and decisions to your boss or contemporaries. These are communication skills which need to bring the complex down to the simple for the average business owner.
Working on a team and rising to leadership positions is the norm for an actuary. Being able to get along with others shows a need for good interpersonal skills. Listening to others suggestions for the sake of the project is necessary.
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