Actuary job description

Not many people think of becoming an actuary when they are nine-years old and dreaming of their future. If you are planning a career and your study has expanded to perhaps a related field; becoming an actuary may fall into your realm of discovering.
Actuaries are related to the mathematics and finance departments. They look at and analyze the costs versus the risks of any major business decision. This is largely a financial job. They help businesses decide what avenues to go down, they help develop policies. The insurance industry really relies on the ability and talents of actuaries.
An actuary will be playing with numbers, logic and plans all day long, but they have the help of computers. You will be using the computer to plug in numbers that produce charts, reports and tables to explain calculations and projections.
You will analyze what happens when someone dies, gets sick, is in an accident or is affected by any one of a number of natural disasters. If you like logic, statistics or just figuring things out this may be a good field to look into.
As an actuary you will be using database software to cull information to build charts of statistical data that will help determine the “odds” of something happening. Investments, insurance policies, business strategies or pension plans all need to have data input to administer their policies. As an actuary you help design and test these strategies.
Reporting to government officials, clients, shareholders or management you will need to explain and document your findings. Working on a team, you will learn to support your findings and become better at forecasting the future.
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