Add Some Oomph to that Pony Tail

There’s something so easy and comfy about our beloved pony tails. This classic hair style gets the hair out of our face and off of our neck. Plus, the way it highlights your pretty face is super flattering. But let’s be honest, they’re also a little boring.
Want to wear a pony tail for your next big event but are concerned it’s too casual and informal? We’ve gathered some great ideas to add a little extra flair to your pony tail. You’ll be the star of the show with these creative tips.
• Braids – braids are so in right now; try adding some skinny braids on the sides or incorporate a thick French braid to your pony tail for great texture and added thickness

• Sparkle – clip in some pretty hair accessories, possibly in an unexpected place, is eye-catching and glamorous

• Poof – tease your crown, sculpt into a throwback poof, use an add-in piece, add hairspray for hold and you’ve nailed the pin up look

• Slick – start with wet hair, use a fine-toothed comb, work in some shine-enhancing serum, and dry carefully for the ultimate clean, slicked back pony tail

• Half up – a common bridal look, you can play down the half up/half down formality by keeping this classic look loose and casual

• Wrap – a classic, natural look, separate a thick strand, wrap it around the hair elastic and pin it underneath the pony tail for a pretty effect

• Texture – scrunch your hair when it’s wet or curl it before you put it up in a pony tail, playing with the different textures can add interest and allure to your regular pony tail

• High and low – wear your pony tail high up near your crown or low at the base of your neck for sleek sophistication

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