Adventures in Painting

The other night I was lying in bed staring up at my boring white ceiling and thinking that I needed a change. Nothing big, just a little something to spruce up my bedroom and make it feel a little different. I decided what I wanted was a good pop of color. I already have a grey accent wall behind my bed that took entirely too long to paint, so there is no way I am getting rid of that. And I don’t think that a bright color would work on the opposing wall. A rug always adds a nice new element to a room, but I want something more daring. Then it hit me! Why not paint the ceiling? A great saturated color could look really great up there and have an interesting impact on the rest of my bedroom. I immediately called my mom who is an interior designer and told her my genius idea. Or at least what I thought was a genius idea. She informed me that a lot of designers have been using ceilings as a template to try out bold colors. She also advised me that it may be a better idea to start with a smaller room, like my bathroom, before attacking my bedroom ceiling. The bathroom does sound like a safer testing ground for something risky like this. Her advice was a lot to try giving the bathroom ceiling a few coats of pop pink or bright orange that will help perk me up in the morning. This still doesn’t solve my bedroom boredom dilemma, but I think I am going to head out to the hardware store over the weekend and give it a try. What do you think, are you brave enough to paint your ceiling a bright pop of color?

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