Advertising Costs

ADVERTISING: Advertising Costs Big Bucks
Selling lotions, potions, jewelry, soaps and knives costs real dollars. Advertising is a billion dollar business. And of course the dollar signs related to the effects of advertising, i.e. consumer’s purchasing said advertised item is measured by still more dollars.
Today, with so many mediums vying for our attention, the attentiveness to any one piece of advertising should cause one to take notice. The ad dollars that successfully obtain a willing eye get absorbed into the media and distributed out along various vehicles and venues deserves investigation. The competition for quotas and product reach is not equal to society’s attention available to be used. There is MORE to see and be seen than there are watchers or observers.
Any presentation of product that can achieve a measured amount of consumer attention becomes a magnet. Stories about entertainment, the arts and culture can actually draw more consumer attention and ideally programming can direct that attention to a product. But all this costs money. Getting the celebrities to endorse, to run products on a popular entertainment news show and ads on celebrity websites bombard consumer messages too.
The Internet revenues doubled in advertising to over 1 billion from 2006 to 2007. And now the Internet has more money spent on advertising than on television.
There are ways to stretch an advertising budget and tricks of the trade to be used. Making sure ad dollars are effective should factor into any research and feedback efforts. Finding new and different outlets can work in many ways.
Consumers ultimately pay for all the advertising in the end, in the price of the goods and services they purchase. Sales, rebates, price reductions, packaging, public relations ultimately are added into the sticker price. Where else can these costs be compensated? Businesses make a profit or they don’t stay in business.

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