Free Advertising

Is there such a thing as free advertising? Of course and one should be so lucky to tap into this zeitgeist. The exploding media that comes in the form of viral videos is worth attempting to achieve. The problem is …these viral videos are difficult to predict. We cannot guess what is going to fly around the world in nanoseconds?
Many of the viral videos are not advertisements at all, but the one’s that can also advertise a product are golden to a business managers ears.
A few years back there was a video about a dowdy housewife who could really sing. She entered one of those TV talent contests and came on the stage. Her hairdo was tawdry, her clothes and figure dumpy. But when she opened her mouth she belted out a tune that brought the audience to their knees. And of course this video got several million “hits”. It did end up being an advertisement of sorts for the TV talent show. And in a way it gave the singer some PR so that other companies wanted to book her for appearances.
Certain websites offer free advertising in the form of classified ads. The winner who makes out well from these classified ads is the companies that then sell larger media ads on these sites.
Another form of free advertising is for a company to do something outrageous that then gets the media’s attention and it gets reported as news. Usually this happens in the form of “bad” press but it can be used to a company’s advantage.
If a company does some good and charitable deeds they may make the news. Although developing a hook will be necessary as “just” giving to charity is no longer enough. Using a celeb to deliver the cash is an idea.
Providing meals to firefighters while they fight a blaze raging through a canyon delivered much free publicity for one fast food chain. The publicity came about because a worker offered to buy the meals for the firefighters and then was fired. Of course the media picked this up and the fast food chain had to combat negative press. Would the media have picked it up if it wasn’t for the worker being unjustly treated? It remains doubtful.

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