Is marketing advertising

Marketing and advertising are often mistakenly used interchangeably. While they are often confused as similar or complimentary terms, they are quite different components. Albeit they are related to the same “family’ of terms in regards to a company’s growth.
Marketing is a more overall plan of a business or entity that involves implementation and control of many activities a company may use to exchange products, ideas or personalities. Advertising is just ONE of the components of marketing.
Ideally one’s advertising campaign is more successful when the proper marketing has been accomplished first. Companies will frequently use market research, public relations, community interaction, pricing, media outlets, distribution strategy, customer support or loyalty and of course sales strategy to arrive at the appropriate advertising.
Advertising and other elements work together but must also be able to work successfully along towards the larger goal. Using time and research these elements come together and integrate a plan that will incorporate timing. Launching the elements of a marketing plan depends on strategic timing.
In most marketing plans, advertising is usually the largest expense. Buying ads on television in movie theatres, periodicals, newspapers, billboards, internet sites and social media sites all build into a budget.
Strategies for these advertising outlets also require planning. The ad placement needs attention, ad frequency and size all play into the plan.
Advertising and marketing work hand in hand with marketing driving the overall big picture of a full campaign. Advertising endures as the largest element within this marketing plan.

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