Advice for college freshman

Hailing from Boston to New York – I am a food, movie, and people lover. As I finish out my undergrad degree in Public Relations and Advertising, trying new things and making sense out of a crazy life is what I do best.

I can sit here and talk about how as a college student going into my fourth year of undergrad I’ve learned to manage all the major issues college kids go through. You know managing money, managing time, eating healthy, and getting along with your roommates. The truth is I still haven’t mastered everything.

I still find it difficult to manage my extra money even though I live on campus – although I must say I am getting much better. I still am horrible at managing my time unless I literally have reminders written on sticky notes that are stuck on the wall directly next to my bed. I am the definition of not eating healthy; in fact I am eating a bag of chips and drinking a Caprisun as I write this. The one thing on that list I can say I have mastered is getting along with my roommates.

Over the last four years I have lived with four different sets of roommates. Besides the set I lived with my freshman year, which started off very rocky, all of my roommates and I have gotten along perfectly. To make things even better, my original group of roommates are now my best friends – all 7 of them. Yes, I said I had seven roommates my freshman year. I lived in a triple inside of a suite styled dorm. So the one thing I say I can help and give advice on is co-living with others, that and learning how to fine-tune the things and people in your life. See, I might not be good at managing my time for academic related things … But just like any other 21 year-old I sure am good at managing my time for friends and my significant other (in other words the fine-tuning of people in my life).

See my boyfriend and I live in two different states. I go to school in the great city of New York, NY and my boyfriend lives in our hometown of Boston, MA. The thought of living so far away from him was scary a very scary thing to me at first. In fact if you ask my best friend she would tell you she’s surprised we lasted this long. Surprised not because we weren’t meant to be, but surprised because of the distance. I’m not going to sit here and lie that a long distance relationship isn’t hard. I live only 4 hours away from my boyfriend and after spending a summer of being with him every day, I find being so far away the hardest thing in the world.  But let me tell you – with open communication you’d be surprised what will last the test of time. Now I know saying the test of time was very cliché of me, but it’s true.

Before my boyfriend I would have told you I would never do a relationship, never mind a long distance. I found myself getting bored with men quickly. But something about my boyfriend caught my attention and I knew I had to make it work. So I did. If I’m not in class and he’s not at work, we’re on the phone talking. If we’re busy we still text. Every night we try to fit in at least one quick video chat. Many of my friends make fun of me that I’m always talking to my boyfriend but they just don’t understand. It’s not that we always talk on purpose – we’re just trying to keep the communication between us open. Communication no matter the situation, whether it is with your significant other or even your seven other roommates, is always the key.

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